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Banning of China Server IPs

Saturday, April 11th, 2009

The Great Firewall of China has gained quite a reputation for user based in China. Many people are familiar with the case of not able to visit certain websites hosted outside of China. Wikipedia, was for a certain period blocked.

Lesser known however, but also causing the same inability to visiting websites hosted outside of China, is the fact that some sites actively blocked China IPs. The reason for doing so varies from site to site, common ones includes

  • blocking as a result of past spammers using the same IP or IP range
  • using a block list compiled by someone (that may be outdated)
  • excluding users from certain locations deem undesirable

A similar related problem is with IPs listed as spam host on RBL (real time black hole list) sites like SpamCop. When an IP is listed, sending email to a server using the list will either reject or drop the email.

It can be frustrating when to learn that your IP has been banned. It had happened to me a few times this week with a few sites. On the one hand, I was angry because I was banned through no fault of mine. I know I’m taking it too personally, it was not me, but anyone using the same IP or IP range that I had. On the other hand, I was reminded that one of our business goal is to help people and businesses to deal with challenges of hosting in China and this was one of it.

While banning IP is a situation not unique to China, it is common. We had dealt with a fair number of situations of banned server IP to know what to do and what works. Where many China providers will tell the customer “tough luck”, we went out of our way to help solve the problem.

Existing and future potential customers, let us know if you have a server IP banned and need our assistance.

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