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Offsite backup service launched

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

We are happy to announced that we are launching our offsite backup storage service. We had been looking for offsite backup for our own data and finally came upon a solution that works for us.

We think that this backup solution will meet the needs of many people and so packaged the solution into 2 easy, pay as you go, plans.

For $1 per GB per month, you get unlimited upload and download to backup and store you data.
If you need more than 10 GB, cost per GB goes down to $0.70 per month, still with unlimited upload and download.

Access speed is relatively good from China (server is in US, we are using it for our own China servers) and we would be happy to setup a test account for serious customers who wants to try out.

Of course, there are free storage services around and there are dozens of storage services that cost more or less than ours.

As mentioned, we had been looking for backup storage ourselves and what we found met our requirements. So what we believe to be the value of our backup storage service is as follows:

  • Use any backup tool, open source or commercial. You do not have to download and install a specific software to work with the storage. No proprietary backup format to lock you in as well. 
  • Support any way you transfer – FTP, SFTP, rsync, webDAV,
  • No large storage commitment, why buy 20G with you only need 2G?
  • No billing for upload and download. This can become important if your data changes and you do backup daily.

Most storage provider worth their salt would be RAID protected, we have that as well.

Check out the plans and sign up now!

Customer Support and Account Management Portal

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

Introducing our new customer support and account management portal. It has been running close to a month now. And we are now getting very comfortable managing our service around it.

New customers who signed up for our VPS are automatically added to this portal. Existing dedicated server, colocation and VPS customers that signed up before the portal was setup will be migrated into the portal as  payment becomes due.

With this portal, you can

  • Maintain and update you information with us.
  • View the services you have with us, the period and the due date
  • Get a copy of the invoices and record of transaction
  • Send support request and questions.

We believe that  with this support portal in place we can better manage all the support tickets and services in one place. Also with this system in place, it has allowed us to start hiring more people into the sales and support team.

If there is any suggestion for improvement, please send us an email or leave a comment. Looking forward to serve you better.

Server/Website uptime monitoring service

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

We are exciting to launch a new service – Uptime Monitoring. Sign up for a FREE trial or visit the demo to explore and experience the features before decide if you like to upgrade to the professional version.

With this service you can monitor your website, web server, vps or dedicated server from multiple worldwide locations.

multi-locations-uptime-monitor You can receive downtime alerts via email or buy credit to receive via SMS text message on your mobile.

Other features includes

  • Selectable monitoring interval between 1 – 60 mins
  • Manage multiple servers, websites and ports
  • Advanced monitoring options
  • Unlimited email contacts
  • Unlimited SMS contacts (per message fee applies)
  • Customizable public report

Sign up for a FREE trial now!

Our China server Speed Test

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

We had added one of our datacenter locations to

Since there are not many test sites hosted within China, we became the default sent-to for areas near and north of Shanghai. Immediately within the first few hours the results are very revealing about the bandwidth and latency situation within China.

Try it here:

Launch of VPS in China and beta testing

Saturday, March 7th, 2009

update: Beta test is over. Go to China VPS plans.

We are very excited to launch our VPS (virtual private server) service in China. VPS in China is something we had been planning for a while but held back due to unfavorable conditions. More than just buying a server and install the software, we actually put in place relationships that finally make it the more stable operationally to offer this service.

While VPS is common place and cheaply available in many parts of the world, launching VPS in China has its unique set of challenges that had obstructed VPS introduction and growth. One of the challenges is the ability to obtain more than one IP assigned to one server. (More on this and other challenges on this blog in future.)

As part of the launch, we are allowing a period of beta test to stress test the servers and to fill up the bandwidth. If you like to be included in the beta test (free! until the price is finalized), send us a note now. Our preference is for potential customers with need a China based VPS. So in your note, be sure to let us know what you are planning to use the VPS for.

The regulation in China is rather stringent, especially with web content and every website is required to be registered. A rotten egg in the VPS could result in the entire VPS being shut down. To protect all users on the VPS, we would be taking extra steps to know what goes onto the VPS.

But, do not let us frighten you, if you have a requirement and a VPS could meet that requirement, be sure to check us out. Put us alongside other competitors (not that many anyway). We are quite sure you wouldn’t be disappointed.

See you on our VPS!

Web Hosting in China

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

Welcome to our China Web Hosting blog where we share our experience and tales about the hosting service and business in China.

Hosting in China has its unique set of challenges as those that had experience with it can attest. Especially for those that come from a different background, speak a different language, the frustration can be crippling. In fact it was such frustration in the first place that cumulated into 59Box. We got through so much struggle to host some servers in China that we thought the experience must be useful to more than ourselves. And so 59Box was setup, to help people with hosting in China, to lead them around the pitfalls so that they can focus on business.

59Box has been around for more than 2 years as an entity and the people behind it had been in China for more than 5 years. If you are looking for dedicated servers, colocation, vps and hosting in China, check us out.

Here what some has to say:

“It was really hard for me to find a company in China with so good and fast ( for now ) customer support ! I’am very appreciate this !”

“You are a shanghai miracle, i’ve been invited to give a presentation this month at pecha kucha and wanted to give you a plug in one of the parts i want to present”

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